We supply human blood products and specialize in Blood Chemistry Standardization . We are also an ultra-low freezer storage facility for human serum in the efforts to help cure diabetes and cardio pulmonary diseases. Our products and services help clinical researchers and medical equipment manufacturers around the world.


Clinical Chemistry Products
Our clinical chemistry serum and plasma products are unique because they are so close to the actual clinical testing material taken from donors. This greatly reduces the matrix effects seen in lyophilized and other non CLIA approved clinical chemistry assurance materials. As a result, researchers and clinical chemistry analyte equipment manufacturers are able to utilize and create controls and calibrators that closely match the actual patient samples being tested and researched. 

Blood Donors
Solomon Park has been privileged to have had well over 10,000 blood donations over the past 30 years. Without the generous donation of blood by our many donors, none of the various projects that we have been involved in with the many state and national government and industrial agencies would have been possible. 
Product and Services
Custom Plasma and Serum Products

Solomon Park has traditionally specialized in providing serum and plasma with known levels of various lipids. We also provide serum and plasma with other analytes and will work closely with you to create custom pools tailored to your needs.


Blood Products
All serum and plasma are from fasting donors with naturally occurring lipid levels unless otherwise requested. Serum is processed as described in CLSI document C37-A.

Clinical Research and Consulting
Solomon Park has scientists that have been working in the research and clinical fields for over half a century. Our research consultants work very closely with our clients on creating viable solutions. In many cases we are able to help reduce the overall costs and shorten the amount of time a project would normally take.

Clinical Sample Storage
We provide ultra-low temperature freezer storage for our educational research, government, and equipment manufacturing clients.