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Dead Rat in the Corner and the Hunt for the Truth

As with all researchers, at least the ones I have been around, the search for truth in their experimental outcomes is very dependent on what they expect to happen when they pour solution A into solution B.  This is usually based on a reading of the literature about solutions A & B and also very […]
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Peer Pressure and Barefoot in Germany

When my family and I first arrived in Germany we spoke about 50 words in German among us. We got there on a Saturday and my new boss picked us up at the airport and quickly drove us down to Tuebingen. He explained on the way that all shops closed at noon on Saturdays and […]
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A Brief History of the C37-A Commutable Serum

One of the barriers to standardizing results across laboratories has been the variety of instruments and reagents that different laboratories use to generate patient results. Early on, this forced proficiency testing and regulatory agencies to establish peer groups among laboratories being tested. The idea being that the user of a particular instrument would be judged […]
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